Industry Training Authority BC

‘When it comes to trades, you get out what you put in,’ states Joseph Kydd, President of City Projects Ltd. Working alongside a broad portfolio of clients ranging from designers, project managers, engineers, and general contractors. City Projects Ltd. aims to provide a skilled and diverse team that is able to adapt so as to provide an exceptional customer experience. As a total scope contractor that specializes in wall and ceiling installations as well as a myriad of other services, they have served as an Employer Sponsor for apprentices from a range of different trades including Carpentry, Wall and Ceiling Installers, and Drywall Finishers. The organization prides itself on taking these novices and transforming them into masters, efforts that have been formally recognized by the Industry Training Authority. Over the years, the company has obtained numerous awards for their dedication to safety as well and commitment towards training tradespeople, even receiving a special award from the BC Wall and Ceiling Association.
Apprentices working for City Projects Ltd. can expect a hands-on experience that teaches fundamental skills and cutting-edge techniques from the ground up. New workers are first paired with a more skilled individual, then move towards working independently. Senior employees such as Joseph, who has been with the organization for ten and a half years, consider it their duty to not only train people on how to complete a job but also how to establish a fulfilling career. They believe that hard work is something that ultimately pays off, and urges new tradespeople to push their boundaries and view mistakes as an important part of the learning process. By sponsoring apprentices, City Projects Ltd. continues to give back to the industry in a positive manner that also gives young people opportunities to a meaningful career.